Honeygreen was created in the year 2014, the result of the merger between two companies, HISPAMIEL and VALIA IMPEX after 20 years experience in the business and thereby becoming the main bee product trading company in Spain and one of the strongest in the European market.
This strength as a group allows us to provide our clients all over the world with an extensive range of bee products from one single corporation, making it easier to be more dynamic and effective.

Spanish honey & from other origins
Organic honey
Other bee products & organics
Fairtrade honey

A well-known company in the bee products field.

Honeygreen is a member of the Spanish Association of Honey Traders and Packers (ASEMIEL-ANIMPA), which also belongs itself to the European Federation of Honey Packers and Distributors (F.E.E.D.M.).
We are also in possession of the required certification issued by the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Community of Valencia (CAE-CV) for the trade on a worldwide basis of Organic Bee products

During the past 20 years, we have created a great team of professional people who have an ample knowledge of the market and who specialise in the sector, guaranteeing a perfect follow up of each and every one of our operations during the whole process, providing our clients with the greatest guarantee of quality in the product ordered as well as in the handling of the transaction. Proof of our constant effort to improve quality is our new laboratory, that allows us to supervise firsthand the analysis of all the products that come from our company.



Honeygreen has a commitment to make, which is to be the leading company in the bee product world market, in an ethical and sustainable way, creating value and making a difference in everything we do.

We firmly believe that a company can only grow satisfying all parts involved, and this way, we, the people who make Honeygreen, and our clients, all try to achieve the maximum level of satisfaction from this relationship.


"To be the leading quality bee product trading company in the world".

We knew how to input the right changes to an already existing business, based on the quality, of both the product and the management process -this has given our work an added value. Our vision has put us currently among the most renowned companies in our business area, our good work has been recognized worldwide by our clients, who have expressed their satisfaction with the product and our efficiency.




From each and every member of the organization, stimulating their talent and autonomy. Only by valuing each person and developing their skills, can a company grow.


Of each and every one of the team, so that we can expect the same from all of our clients.


For the individual, among our own people as well as for every person who has a business relationship with us; developing our own style as a company, that can be appreciated from the moment the first phone call is answered here, up until the contractual bond comes to an end.


We know that innovation is a fundamental part of a company who wants to keep going over time, so we firmly believe in continuously searching for products, that could extend our products list, as well as any improvement that would benefit our clients.


We treat the development of our work responsibly, knowing that client satisfaction depends on it. We consider professional ethics as a decisive standard when selecting our suppliers and selling our products.


We believe in collective talent: 1+1 is more than 2 collective talent).


Based on an open-minded and sincere state of mind, so as to generate constructive dialogues and improvements.


This is our hallmark, and what allowed us to grow. That's why our constant challenge is not only to maintain this quality, but also to have it increased in every aspect of our processes.
We're constantly seeking to ensure the safety of our products and processes, as well as the fulfilment of all the legal requirements that could need applying, in all the countries where we work.




Jaime Ferrando - Honeygreen
Jaime Ferrando

General Manager

Administration & Logistics

Mónica Belloch

Administration Manager

Isabelle Kirsch

Administration & Logistics

Karen Champion

Administration & Logistics

Marylin D'Haeseleer

Administration & Logistics


Cristina Lagóstena

Purchase Manager

Liu Shuang Ying

Purchase Department

Francisco Albrisi

Purchase Manager for Latin America


Sofía Seoane

Quality/R&D&I Manager

Alejandra Villanueva

Quality Department


Charlotte Roussat

Sales Department

Vanessa Morice

Sales Department

Verónica Domingo

Sales Department

Salvador Pellicer

Sales Department

Maite Ferrando

Sales Department

Juan García

Sales Department

Isabel Martínez

Sales Department

Finance & Accounting

Alicia Plá

Controlling & Services Director

Carlos Segura

Accounting Department

Carmen Plaza

Accounting Department


Cristina Vilaplana

HR & Communication Director


Hanneke Mak

Process Supervisor


Carmen Giménez


IMPIVA (now IVACE) has supported the company Hispamiel, S.A. With the hiring of an innovation project manager through the EXPANDE program